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Salesforce Utilizes Shipping Containers at Dreamforce Conference

If you were one of the tens of thousands in attendance of Dreamforce, an annual Salesforce conference, you may have noticed that the trademark Salesforce Blue structures used to distribute food and beverages were recycled shipping containers.

Salesforce is a top-ranked cloud computing company specializing in CRM, or customer relationship management. Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference brought keynote speakers such as Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and world-famous mind-body medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra—in addition to over 1,200 expert-led sessions—to the October 2013 San Francisco gathering.

As most know, shipping containers make their way across the hard seas to ports all over the country. Once the shipping containers hit land, they are used as structurally sound portable storage solutions, or to transport intermodal freight. What most do not know is that shipping containers can be used for much more than just transporting freight. The possibilities are endless, and one example of this is shown below.

Dreamforce Containers 1

Salesforce expanded their creativity outside the world of cloud computing to create an efficient way to disperse meals to Dreamforce attendees, using the containers below as portable concession stands. Check out Dreamforce’s innovative setup here.

Salesforce cleverly chose to use these easily transformable sustainable structures, showcasing how containers can be modified with many different installations. The units below have two roll-up doors, used as the service windows, a canopy to protect the customer from theweather, and overhead lights to keep the area well-lit. Although these fixtures may seem simple, the end result after installation is a sustainable structure that can be used in many different fashions.

In addition to its ability to be transformed through installations, a container can just as easily be transformed through the removal of installations. This was seen when the containers were converted into bars at the end of the night at the Dreamforce conference. A simple removal of the canopy and the second-tier food display turned each container into a walk-up bar.

Dreamforce Containers 2Shipping containers are not only easy to modify; they’re also easy to transport and place. The containers used by Salesforce were strategically placed to create a sense of open space, yet close enough together in a perimeter to create a sense of designated space for a specific purpose.

The ability to easily transport shipping containers is just another reason why containers are significantly more ideal than actual built structures. A shipping container should be thought of as a canvas with endless possibilities. Anticipation is growing for the future innovative methods that these sustainable structures will use. Container Solutions can provide your canvas in the form of a new, used, or refurbished container. We’ll work with you to make your container suit your needs.

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