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The Decision to Rent a Container

The Decision to Rent a Container                                            After more than 30 years of selling and renting containers I have one simple observation.  People don’t rent or purchase containers because they want a container, it’s because they want storage or a means of moving what can be loaded into a…

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What Makes Containers and Container Sellers Different?

What Makes Containers and Container Sellers Different?   Observing that an ISO shipping container is a standard product is correct.  From that assuming that one container is as good as another is a mistake.  Additionally to assume that one container seller is as good as another is also a mistake….

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The Best Pop-Up Shipping Container Shops

The holiday season is here. Both retailers and consumers are gearing up for a busy shopping season. This time of year is when people are out and about, enjoying the sights, tastes, and smells. Consumers are also willing to spend a significant amount of money during this time of the…

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Utilizing Shipping Containers to Expand Your Business

The nonprofit Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) is saving money by utilizing shipping containers to help expand their business and keep it afloat. Two of the shipping containers house an office and a gift shop. The third container is the studio, where the magic happens and where Treg Silkwood demonstrates…

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What Size Shipping Container Do I Need?

With all the options available, you may be asking yourself, what size shipping container do I need? It is essential to evaluate the amount of additional space that will be needed for the items that you are storing. It always great to have extra room, however, there is no sense…

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Shipping Container Sustainability

The fight against global warming is a very serious and ongoing problem. The devastation impacts of climate change is clear. It is time to stop the destruction and reduce the waste that is polluting the Earth. Our Earth is warmer than ever before, both people and wildlife are enduring the consequences. Businesses…

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How to Choose a Container

You have made the decision that a storage container is what you need. Compared to other options it makes the most sense. But how to choose the best storage container or shipping container for your needs? The first step is to visit the container yard and look at some shipping…

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3 Reasons Why Container Architecture is Suddenly Cool

Several months ago a graduate student in Architecture asked for some help in creating an exhibit showing her alternative housing concept designs.  After 3 visits, countless photographs, and a half hour digging through my scrap metal pile she completed her project. Later she sent me a photo of the exhibit and…

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The First Tee of San Francisco Unveils Shipping Container Classroom

San Francisco, CA: The First Tee of San Francisco unveiled a new shipping container classroom this month at the 2015 WGC Cadillac Match Play Championships. Container Solutions is proud to have been able to assist The First Tee Foundation of SF in creating a welcoming and functional classroom where children…

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Salesforce Utilizes Shipping Containers at Dreamforce Conference

If you were one of the tens of thousands in attendance of Dreamforce, an annual Salesforce conference, you may have noticed that the trademark Salesforce Blue structures used to distribute food and beverages were recycled shipping containers. Salesforce is a top-ranked cloud computing company specializing in CRM, or customer relationship…

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