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Shipping Container Sustainability

20ft HC Storage ContainerThe fight against global warming is a very serious and ongoing problem. The devastation impacts of climate change is clear. It is time to stop the destruction and reduce the waste that is polluting the Earth. Our Earth is warmer than ever before, both people and wildlife are enduring the consequences. Businesses have decided to join in on the fight against global warming and take responsibility for their part in saving the planet. Businesses are beginning to market more sustainable qualities and offer products and services that encourage the modern consumer to live a “green” lifestyle. Using shipping containers as building material is a great sustainable building alternative and helps save the deforestation of our forests. By reusing shipping containers, you are upcycling goods that would be put into our waste stream. Shipping containers are the building choice that will help lead to a more sustainable future.

Upcycled- Traditional recycling plastic, glass, metals and other building materials often require a significant amount of energy and expel harmful chemicals and byproducts. Recycling is when you change something’s physical state and recreate it as a raw material to reuse. Upcycling is utilizing an object for a new purpose after is original usage has been depleted. Shipping containers usually just need a bit of TLC, some paint and are immediately ready for use. Shipping containers have a wide variety of applications, from pop-up shops to building homes to general storage, the sky’s the limit. If containers are not reused, they are doomed to spend the rest of their life sitting unused and deteriorating in a port. Many containers make it overseas for one trip and then are retired. What a waste!

Modular- Shipping containers are designed to be space savers on overseas trips in order to reduce lead time and transportation costs. Shipping containers are like Legos, excellent for stacking and mobility. Their simple design and standardized dimensions allow for accessibility by people in diverse geographical locations. The inherent flexibility of their design can be adapted into a large range of building types, from modern commercial spaces to general storage facilities.

Customizable and Compact- Shipping container are great space savers because of their compact size. A Smaller space means lower energy costs, fewer materials used and reduced costs. In typical construction, wasted spaces are used in planning for future expansion, which sucks up more resources and energy when they are not being used. The truth is that it takes fewer fossil fuels and much less energy to keep a shipping container warm or cool than it does for larger homes. Shipping containers are flexible, affordable, and a great marketing tool to reach out to your customers and targeted audience. Shipping containers open up a whole new world of opportunities for businesses.

Durable and Structurally Sound- Shipping containers are very durable because they are made to withstand the harsh sea environment. They are made of durable Corten steel and can be stacked up to six or seven containers high. The durability of the material creates buildings that can withstand extreme weather conditions and are useful for many years with minimal maintenance. Due to their robustness, containers are earthquake proof and even hurricane proof, which makes them extremely safe and perfect for building in natural disaster-prone areas.

Mobility- Standardized dimensions make it easy to transport by ship, truck, or rail. Containers can be easily moved from one location to another when necessary. Containers can quickly be assembled on-site, which is a much greener alternative to on-site construction. Building everything on-site greatly reduces the carbon footprint associated with bringing the necessary people and materials to each new job site. Shipping containers can be constructed and customized before they reach their destination, leaving only assembly and systems integration like plumbing and electrical.

Affordability- The “green” trend continues spark people’s interest. A major factor in the ability of building systems to continue is their accessibility to the general public. We hear about the latest and greatest “green” technology but the reality is that unless it is something affordable enough to become widespread, its contribution to environmentalism is insignificant. Shipping containers are a great affordable alternative because the amount of money put into customizing and improving your container is completely up to the owner.

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Help save the planet by reducing and reusing! Go green! Buy or rent a container from Container Solutions today! For more information, give us a call today at (800) 506-7368 or fill out our of quick quote form. Let us help you find the right storage solution for your budget.

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