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What Size Shipping Container Do I Need?

With all the options available, you may be asking yourself, what size shipping container do I need? It is essential to evaluate the amount of additional space that will be needed for the items that you are storing. It always great to have extra room, however, there is no sense in paying for the extra room that will just remain vacant. Overestimating that amount of space needed could result in more precious space being taken up on your property than necessary. On the other side, if you underestimate the amount of space you need you are back at square one and have the same problem as before, not enough space. Learn how to pick the perfect size container for your storage needs the first time around. Stay in control of your storage needs by knowing how much space you need.

Most Common Shipping Container Sizes

10ft Containers: The 10ft containers are the smallest containers that we have and can fit in tight places. It is ideal for smaller living spaces such as an apartment or condo.They can store the equivalent amount of about half a one car garage and are ideal for sheds, garage storage, smaller household items

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20ft Containers: The size of a 20ft container is the equivalent of one standard parking spot. During a home renovation, if you need to storage household items and furniture, a 20ft container will conveniently fit in your driveway. It is our most common size and one of our more popular sizes at Container Solutions. It can hold about the amount equivalent to a one car garage. A 20ft container can comfortably hold the amount of one room, possibly two. A 20ft container holds about 1,150 cubic feet.

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40ft and 40ft High Cube: The 40ft containers are the most cost effective option because they are usually not much more than the 20ft containers. High cube containers are great for tall items and stacking boxes because of the extra height. The 40ft containers can hold the equivalent to a two car garage or about 2-3 rooms. They are ideal for larger homes that require a lot of storage space and have ample amount of space for shelving. A 40ft container holds about 2,400 cubic feet and a 40ft high cube container can hold as much as 2,700 cubic feet.

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If you are still feeling unsure about what size container you need, let Container Solutions help you decide on which size is best for your individual or business needs. Our knowledgeable sales reps can answer any questions your may have. We want to point you in the right direction. Give Container Solutions a call today at (800) 506-7368 or fill out a quick quote form. Let us help you find the right storage solution!


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